Taking a Step Back

I haven’t written a blog post in over a month. I’ve played it off to some people as a bit of writers block or being super overwhelmed with yoga classes or life being good so I haven’t had much to say. The truth is I’ve had things to say but sometimes I need to take a step back. For me, it’s difficult to put myself out there. It’s a challenge knowing that you may get criticism, knowing that you are being brutally honest but some people won’t get it. It’s tough to lay yourself bare and wonder if people might misinterpret your efforts as pleas for sympathy or pity when all you’re trying to do is generate empathy through the journey in someone else’s shoes.

The reality is that I’ve received only encouragement and love for everything I’ve put out. And for that there are no words to express my appreciation and admiration. I am constantly inspired by my son, by brave lionesses, by strangers, by my followers. All I can say is that I am overwhelmingly grateful. However, fighting the thoughts in your head is an internal struggle that I don’t think any amount of external support can get rid of. It takes time, kindness to yourself. Knowing that any fight is not without wounds. Knowing when to walk away and knowing when to come back again.

I think I’m back 😉


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