My Final Blog Post for 2017


I shared my thoughts earlier on introspection and how this might help you to determine some of your goals for 2018. In my final blog post for 2017, I share some of my greatest accomplishments of this year. Several of these were goals that I attempted in previous years but finally happened in 2017.

2017 accomplishments

It’s always a work in progress. Many of these goals will continue and here’s my vision board for 2018. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on these goals… and maybe some added ones as I continue to reflect on my joys, challenges and experiences in 2017.

2018 vision board


Humans vs Animals

I found myself deeply disturbed by 2 social media posts last weekend. Firstly, video clips at a supermarket car park of dogs and birds that were deliberately poisoned as they were deemed to be a nuisance. The incident allegedly occurred over 14 months and while there was video footage, this was never made available publicly or turned over to any authorities to assist in investigations. Secondly, a statement from one of our government ministers indicating that the request by the local hunters’ association for bag limits on hunting could not be implemented because there was no way to effectively monitor. The minister further stated that his views on hunting was that it was completely sustainable and bag limits were not necessary at this time. So the hunters association are telling you there’s a problem. But the person in authority doesn’t get it… sigh.

I don’t consider myself an animal lover… I tend to be very wary around most animals. But I’ve always been deeply disturbed by ill-treatment of animals. What disturbed me as equally as the obvious inhumanity is the hypocrisy of care suddenly being displayed by such a huge audience. The same people clamoring for a boycott of the supermarket or declaring the stupidity of the minister… I wonder how many of those individuals have devoted time, efforts or money to any animal shelter. How many of those people have “pets” which are tied 24-7? Or abandoned after realising their care was too involved? How many of them have purchased wild meat which is illegal to sell? But being a keyboard warrior is easier and offers an equally satisfying sense of pride and support.

It is mind-boggling to me that humans consider themselves the most developed species and think nothing of inflicting harm to animals unable to defend themselves for reasons of convenience or simply lack of concern. And if humans cannot be depended on to do the right thing, then it becomes critical for efficient laws to be in place to make animal cruelty a punishable offense. Think of how many stray dogs are seen roaming. Would you treat the human members of your family in the manner that you treat the animal members? Probably not 😔

When I made the decision to become vegan, part of my decision was a conscious awareness of the unsustainable practices that govern our dairy and meat industry worldwide. I have no qualms with anyone who chooses to eat meat, but I also believe strongly in awareness. The practices used by the dairy and meat industries are barbaric. The documentary “Earthlings” delves deeply into these businesses and shows in detail the cruelty dealt to what becomes our food. But sometimes it’s easier to turn a blind eye than make an actual stand for what is right.

Why do we need one more blog?

Most of my best ideas tend to happen around 2am. This one happened at midnight, but the same general concept. I can’t sleep so my mind goes into overdrive. Or maybe my mind is in overdrive, so I can’t sleep… the never-ending cycle of insomnia. But when the idea of a blog popped into my head, I didn’t automatically get excited. It felt like it could be a good idea. But I also thought about being tired and trying to commit to one more thing. I ran through everything else that consumes so much of my life and thought “how do I fit one more thing in?” But it was those thoughts that actually made me realise why this made sense.

My life is a constant juggle. Do I wish it was sometimes simpler? Yes, but then I don’t think my type A, Virgo, over-drive personality would accept it. I’ve always been most successful when I have multiple tasks as opposed to just one or two. And I’ve always liked writing… it’s the easiest way for me to get my thoughts out without sounding like a muddled mess. Annnndddd, because I have so much stuff going on in my life, I have a lot of things to write about. So ultimately, that’s why I think we need one more blog… because I have a lot of stuff to say – some incredibly important, some of it light and trivial. But hopefully, stuff that you can connect with on some level. I’m a mama to a 9-year-old high functioning autistic son, a yoga instructor who found my calling after 16 years of corporate life, an autism advocate running a parent support group, an incredibly impatient homeschooling mom, a concerned environmentalist, a science nerd and dweeby bookworm, a recently converted vegan, a Trini / British with a passion for the beach and life… and there are lots more I haven’t mentioned yet.

I hope you’ll stay tuned, share with your friends, leave me comments and most importantly, enjoy!